Putting It All Together

Our Approach to Learning

Sero Language is a project that was begun in 2017, but began in earnest in 2019. The first release will be a language learning app for beginning Korean learners.

Sero Language was insipred by other wonderful language apps, books, and teachers. We've attempted to provide a comprehensive tool for learning Korean that includes all 6 language-learning elements: reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, and vocabulary.

We make three promises regaurding our approach to learning:
1) Every lesson/chapter can be completed in 20 minutes (including review quizes).
2) There's not really an "easy" way to learn a languages but our approach ensures fast-paced and fun learning.
3) We will help you learn functional and up-to-date Korean that you can take and apply to real world situations immediately.

Sero Language is a product of language lover's passion for pushing the envelope to find new ways to learn. The project is always in development and we are continuously adding new features. Levels beyond the beginner level are also in the works. Below are some travel photos from Korea for you enjoyment.